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Avago Technologies Has Grown Over the Years

Avago Technologies manufactures a wide range of products, including optoelectronics, RF and microwave ICs, motion sensing and control products, infrared transceivers, image sensors, LED lamps, LED displays, and more, used in the electronics, automotive, computing, and other high-tech industries. This company began operations in 1960, as the components manufacturing division of Hewlett Packard. In 1999, HP consolidated its non-computing products and spun off Agilent Technologies as a standalone company manufacturing semiconductors, test equipment and instrumentation products. In 2005 Agilent sold its Semiconductor Products Group to Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR) and Silver Lake Partners, where the company was renamed Avago Technologies and became the world’s largest privately-held semiconductor manufacturer. In 2009, the company went public with an initial public offering. Today, Avago is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the semiconductor sector.

Avago Technologies Manufacturers LED Lights 

Avago Technologies is one of the top producers of LEDs and ships billions of LED products globally on an annual basis. Avago established itself as a leader in the LED light market by offering competitive pricing. Avago grew into a major LED light supplier by providing complete solutions for manufacturers designing in lighting and illumination applications. Avago’s primary product lines include backlighting modules, high powered LED lights, display backlighting, PLCC surface mount LED lights, and other solutions for a variety of markets and industries. LED lights are available in a wide range of colors and designs to fit with most LED light configurations found in products on the market today. In addition to LED lamps, Avago Technologies manufactures a variety LED-based display products.

How to Select LED Lamps Made by  Avago Technologies

Critical factors for selecting the best LED lamp for your design are wavelength and color, light output and power required to drive the LED.  Thermal issues are also a factor as is correctly matching the LEDs with the type of LED driver you will be using. If you use a lower rated LED driver with a higher powered LED light, the light might not illuminate or flicker intermittently, because there is not enough power being passed through the driver to the light in order for it to operate correctly.

On the other hand, using a higher rated LED driver with a lower rated LED light is not recommended. Since the driver is passing a higher amount of power through to the light, several things can occur. First, the light may operate but be brightly illuminated. Next, excessively powered LED lights tend to burn out quickly. Lastly, there is a risk the light will simply overload and fail to operate. Further, if excess power leaves the LED lighting circuit and is not the correct level for other operations within the product, there are risks of damage to the device.

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