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Manufacturers Directory

Our Directory of Electronic Components Manufacturers includes company profiles, a brief history of each company including merger & acquisition activity, an overview of products offered and links to the corporate websites for over 2000 electronic component companies and electronic parts manufacturers from around the world.

You can navigate the directory using the alphanumeric index or page navigation tools shown at the top of each page, or you can simply search for the desired manufacturer's name using the search function below.

Manufacturers Directory

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Daewoo SemiconductorDah Hsing Electronic - KOA SpeerDaico Industries
Daishinku CorpDale - Vishay-DaleDallas Semiconductor -Maxim Integrated
Dalmia Cement - Electronics DivisionDarfon ElectronicsData Delay Devices
Data Device Corporation - DDCData Display Products - DDPData Modul
Data Vision - Data InternationalDataforthDataPath Systems - LSI Logic
Datatronic DistributionDatel - C and D Technologies - Murata PSDavicom Semiconductor
DBS Microwave - Narda Microwave - L3DC ComponentsDCP Research
DDK Electronics - Fujikura ProductsDDM Hopt and SchulerDearborn Electronics
Delco Electronics - Delphi Automotive SystemsDelta ElectronicsDeltrol Corp
Deltron - UnipowerDense-Pac Microsystems - DPAC - QuatechDensei-Lambda - TDK Lambda
Desco IndustriesDeutsch - TE ConnectivityDGS Pro Audio - Kobiconn
Dialight CorporationDialog SemiconductorDickson
DiCon FiberopticsDielectric LaboratoriesDigital Voice Systems
DII Taiwan - Lite-On SemiDimension EngineeringDiodes Inc
Dionics IncDIOTEC ElectronicsDiotec Semiconductor
Diptronics ManufacturingDirected Energy - DEI Scientific - IXYS ColoradoDiscovery Semiconductors
Divio - ESS TechnologyDMC Tools - Daniels Manufacturing CorpDorsch Electronic GmbH
Douglas Electrics ComponentsDPAC Technologies - QuatechDreefs GmbH - SIBER America - Everel
DSMI ElectronicsDSP Communications - IntelDSP Group
DspFactory - AMI - ON SemiDubilier - Cornell DubilierDVDO Technology - Silicon Image
Dynex Semiconductor
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Industry News

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