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Manufacturers Directory

Our Directory of Electronic Components Manufacturers includes company profiles, a brief history of each company including merger & acquisition activity, an overview of products offered and links to the corporate websites for over 2000 electronic component companies and electronic parts manufacturers from around the world.

You can navigate the directory using the alphanumeric index or page navigation tools shown at the top of each page, or you can simply search for the desired manufacturer's name using the search function below.

Manufacturers Directory

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Semiconwell (SW)SemikronSemitec
Semitron - LittelfuseSemitronicsSemiWell Semiconductor
SemtechSenior IndustriesSensirion
Sensitron SemiconductorSensym ICT Honeywell SensingSeoul Semiconductor
Sepa-EuropeSerano Systems - VitesseServerWorks - Broadcom
Sescosem - STMicroelectronicsSFE Technologies - Electro TechnikSGS Thompson - STMicroelectronics
SGS-Ates - SGS Thompson - STMicroShareWave - Cirrus LogicSharp Microelectronics
Shicoh EngineeringShigma - Strategic Switch and AudioShindengen
Shinmei ElectricSIBER America - EverelSic-Safco - Exxelia
SIDSASiemens - EpcosSiemens - Infineon
Siemens Opto - Osram OptoSierra Monolithics - SemtechSierra Semiconductor - PMC
SiGe Semiconductor - SkyworksSigma DesignsSigmaTel - Freescale
Signal ConstructSignal Processing Technologies - SPT - FairchildSignal Transformer - Bel Fuse
Signetics - Philips - NXPSilicon General - Linfinity - MicrosemiSilicon Image
Silicon Integrated SystemsSilicon Laboratories - Silicon LabsSilicon Magic
Silicon PowerSilicon Storage Technology - SSTSilicon Systems - Texas Instruments
Silicon Transistor - NES - MicrosemiSilicon Wave - RF Micro DevicesSiliconians
Siliconix - Vishay SiliconixSilonexSimtek - Cypress Semiconductor
Sincera Technology - Walsin TechnologiesSine Systems - AmphenolSingatron Enterprise
Sipex CorporationSiQuestSirenza Microdevices -RFMD
SiRF Technology - CSRSiTel Sierra - National - Texas InstrumentsSiTera - Vitesse
SitronixSiward InternationalSKC - Shinano Kenshi
Skywell TechnologySkyworks SolutionsSmart Modular Technologies
SmartecSMC - SMSC - MicrochipSMEC Inc
SMK CorporationSOFASCOSoftcom Microsystems - Intel
Solid State Devices - SSDISolid State Micro Technology -PMI - Analog DevicesSolid State Optronics - SSO
Solitron DevicesSolomon SystechSong Chuan Precision
Song Long Electronics - LittelfuseSonitron NVSonix Technology
Sony SemiconductorSoshin ElectricSource Photonics
Sparkle Power - SPISPaSE - MicronasSPC Technology
Specialty Electronics - Delphi AutomotiveSpectrol - VishaySpectrum Control - API Technologies
Spinner GmbHSPK ElectronicsSprague - Vishay
Sprague GoodmanSprague Solid StateSquare D - Schnieder Electric
SRC CablesSRC Devices - NascomSST International
Stackpole Electronics - SEIStacoSwitch - Staco SystemsStaktek - Entorian
Stancor - Emerson ElectricStandard CrystalStandard Microsystems Corp - SMSC
Standard Wire and CableStandex ElectronicsStanford Microdevices - Sirenza Microdevices - RFMD
Stanford Telecom - IntelStanley ElectricStar Micronics
StarLEDStarRAM - DOKIN IndustrialStartech Semiconductor - Exar
State of the Art IncStatekSTELCO Electronic Components - Sumida
Stelvio KontekStetco - Fastron ElectronicsStetron International
Steward - LairdStewart Connector Systems - Bel FuseStimpson
STK ElectronicsSTMicroelectronicsStratos Lightwave - Stratos - Emerson Connectivity
Sullins Connector SolutionsSumida CorpSumida REMtech - SRC Devices - Nascom
Sumitomo Metals - i-ChipsSummit Microelectronics - QualcommSunbank - Joslyn Sunbank - Meggitt
Sunbrite LEDs - LumexSunLEDSunlike Display
Sunny ElectronicsSunonSunplus Technology
Suntsu Frequency ControlSupertech ElectronicsSupertex Inc
Suplet CoSurge ComponentsSusumu - SSM
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