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Manufacturers Directory

Our Directory of Electronic Components Manufacturers includes company profiles, a brief history of each company including merger & acquisition activity, an overview of products offered and links to the corporate websites for over 2000 electronic component companies and electronic parts manufacturers from around the world.

You can navigate the directory using the alphanumeric index or page navigation tools shown at the top of each page, or you can simply search for the desired manufacturer's name using the search function below.

Manufacturers Directory

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Suttle ApparatusSuyin ConnectorSV Microwave
Swindon Silicon SystemsSwitchcore - eSiliconSwitchcraft - Heico
SwitchtechSyfer TechnologySymbios - LSI Corp
Symphony ElectronicsSyncMOS SemiconductorSynergy Microwave
Synergy Semiconductor - MicrelSynovaSynQor
Syntec SemiconductorSynton-TechSystem General
SystemOnIc - Philips - NXPT sqware - Globespan - ConexantTact Precision
TAD Components - AACTadiran BatteriesTAG Semiconductor - Temic - Atmel
Tai Ohm ElectronicsTai Shing ElectronicsTai-Tech Advanced Electronics
Taicom ConnectorsTaiko-Denki Co LtdTaitien Electronics
Taiwan Lite-On - Lite-On OptoTaiwan Memory Technology - TM TechTaiwan Oasis Technology - Oasistek
Taiwan Semiconductor - TSCTaiwan ZetatronicTaiyo Yuden
Tak Cheong ElectronicsTama Electric Company - KOA CorporationTamarack Microelectronics - IC Plus Corp
Tamura CorporationTanin ElnaTCI Ceramics
TDK CorporationTDK Semi - Teridian Semi - Maxim IntegratedTeapo Electronic
TecateTeccor - LittelfuseTechnik Industrial Co Ltd
Technitrol - Pulse ElectronicsTechtrol CycloneticsTeka AWI - Teka Interconnect
Teka Interconnection SystemsTekcon ElectronicsTekmos
Telcom Semiconductor - Microchip TechnologyTele Quarz - Oak - Corning - VectronTelecontrolli Srl
Teledyne Components - TelCom - MicrochipTeledyne Relays - Teledyne TechnologiesTelefilter - Vectron
Telefunken - Vishay SemiconductorTelegartnerTelemecanique - Schneider Electric
TelsaTemex Components - RakonTemic Semiconductors - Atmel
TennMaxTensilica - CadenceTensolite Corp-Carlisle Interconnect Technologies
Tepro-VamistorTeradyneTeraLogic - Oak - Zoran - CSR
Terosil - On SemiconductorTEW - Tokyo Denpa Co. Ltd.Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions - AMS
Texas ComponentsTexas Instruments - TIThaler Corporation - Cirrus Logic
THAT CorporationTherm-O-Disc - Emerson ElectricThermometrics
Thesys Advanced Electronics GmbH - MelexisThin Film TechnologyTHine Electronics
Thomas and BettsThomson CE - RCA - GE - Harris - Intersil - TIThomson CSF - AVX
Thomson Electron Tubes -Thales Group OEM SolutionsThomson Semi - STMicroelectronicsThree-Five Systems - TFS
Tianma MicroelectronicsTigerJet Network - Ymax - VocalTecTII Network Technologies
Times Microwave SystemsTimonta AG - Schurter GroupTinghua Technologies Ltd
TLi IncTOBE Film CapacitorsTocos Electronics
Tohritsu Tsushin KogyoTokin Corporation - NEC TokinTOKO
Tokyo Eletech Corp.Topaz SemiconductorTopline International
Topro Technology - Come True BiomedicalTopsilTorex Semiconductor
Toshiba SemiconductorTowa Electron Ltd - FujitsuToyocom
Toyoda GoseiTPC - Hilton CapacitorTraco Electronic AG
Trak MicrowaveTranscom IncTransDimension - Oxford - PLX - Avago
Transilica - Microtune - Zoran - CSRTransko ElectronicsTransmeta - Novafora
TransPower TechnologiesTranSwitch - CadenceTransys Electronics Ltd
Trident Microsystems - EntropicTrimbleTRINAMIC Motion Control
Tripath Technology - EtelosTriQuint SemiconductorTriscend - Xilinx
Trompeter Electronics - Emerson ConnectivityTrueLight CorporationTRW - Northrop Grumman
TSC ElectronicsTseng Labs - ATI Technologies - AMDTT Electronics
Tundra Semiconductor - IDTTusonixTwilight Technology
TXC CorporationTy-Ohm Electronic WorksTyco Electronics - TE Connectivity
Ubicom - QualcommUchihashi EstecUchiya Thermostat
UDT Sensors - OSI OptoelectronicsUltra ElectronicsUltraRF - Cree
Ultronix - Vishay - OhmiteUNICOM ElectricUnigen
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