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Manufacturers Directory

Our Directory of Electronic Components Manufacturers includes company profiles, a brief history of each company including merger & acquisition activity, an overview of products offered and links to the corporate websites for over 2000 electronic component companies and electronic parts manufacturers from around the world.

You can navigate the directory using the alphanumeric index or page navigation tools shown at the top of each page, or you can simply search for the desired manufacturer's name using the search function below.

Manufacturers Directory

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Suyin ConnectorSV MicrowaveSwindon Silicon Systems
Switchcore - eSiliconSwitchcraft - HeicoSwitchtech
Syfer TechnologySymbios - LSI CorpSymphony Electronics
SyncMOS SemiconductorSynergy MicrowaveSynergy Semiconductor - Micrel
SynovaSynQorSyntec Semiconductor
Synton-TechSystem GeneralSystemOnIc - Philips - NXP
T sqware - Globespan - ConexantTact PrecisionTAD Components - AAC
Tadiran BatteriesTAG Semiconductor - Temic - AtmelTai Ohm Electronics
Tai Shing ElectronicsTai-Tech Advanced ElectronicsTaicom Connectors
Taiko-Denki Co LtdTaitien ElectronicsTaiwan Lite-On - Lite-On Opto
Taiwan Memory Technology - TM TechTaiwan Oasis Technology - OasistekTaiwan Semiconductor - TSC
Taiwan ZetatronicTaiyo YudenTak Cheong Electronics
Tama Electric Company - KOA CorporationTamarack Microelectronics - IC Plus CorpTamura Corporation
Tanin ElnaTCI CeramicsTDK Corporation
TDK Semi - Teridian Semi - Maxim IntegratedTeapo ElectronicTecate
Teccor - LittelfuseTechnik Industrial Co LtdTechnitrol - Pulse Electronics
Techtrol CycloneticsTeka AWI - Teka InterconnectTeka Interconnection Systems
Tekcon ElectronicsTekmosTelcom Semiconductor - Microchip Technology
Tele Quarz - Oak - Corning - VectronTelecontrolli SrlTeledyne Components - TelCom - Microchip
Teledyne Relays - Teledyne TechnologiesTelefilter - VectronTelefunken - Vishay Semiconductor
TelegartnerTelemecanique - Schneider ElectricTelsa
Temex Components - RakonTemic Semiconductors - AtmelTennMax
Tensilica - CadenceTensolite Corp-Carlisle Interconnect TechnologiesTepro-Vamistor
TeradyneTeraLogic - Oak - Zoran - CSRTerosil - On Semiconductor
TEW - Tokyo Denpa Co. Ltd.Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions - AMSTexas Components
Texas Instruments - TIThaler Corporation - Cirrus LogicTHAT Corporation
Therm-O-Disc - Emerson ElectricThermometricsThesys Advanced Electronics GmbH - Melexis
Thin Film TechnologyTHine ElectronicsThomas and Betts
Thomson CE - RCA - GE - Harris - Intersil - TIThomson CSF - AVXThomson Electron Tubes -Thales Group OEM Solutions
Thomson Semi - STMicroelectronicsThree-Five Systems - TFSTianma Microelectronics
TigerJet Network - Ymax - VocalTecTII Network TechnologiesTimes Microwave Systems
Timonta AG - Schurter GroupTinghua Technologies LtdTLi Inc
TOBE Film CapacitorsTocos ElectronicsTohritsu Tsushin Kogyo
Tokin Corporation - NEC TokinTOKOTokyo Eletech Corp.
Topaz SemiconductorTopline InternationalTopro Technology - Come True Biomedical
TopsilTorex SemiconductorToshiba Semiconductor
Towa Electron Ltd - FujitsuToyocomToyoda Gosei
TPC - Hilton CapacitorTraco Electronic AGTrak Microwave
Transcom IncTransDimension - Oxford - PLX - AvagoTransilica - Microtune - Zoran - CSR
Transko ElectronicsTransmeta - NovaforaTransPower Technologies
TranSwitch - CadenceTransys Electronics LtdTrident Microsystems - Entropic
TrimbleTRINAMIC Motion ControlTripath Technology - Etelos
TriQuint SemiconductorTriscend - XilinxTrompeter Electronics - Emerson Connectivity
TrueLight CorporationTRW - Northrop GrummanTSC Electronics
Tseng Labs - ATI Technologies - AMDTT ElectronicsTundra Semiconductor - IDT
TusonixTwilight TechnologyTXC Corporation
Ty-Ohm Electronic WorksTyco Electronics - TE ConnectivityUbicom - Qualcomm
Uchihashi EstecUchiya ThermostatUDT Sensors - OSI Optoelectronics
Ultra ElectronicsUltraRF - CreeUltronix - Vishay - Ohmite
UNICOM ElectricUnigenUnion Technology
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