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Manufacturers Directory

Our Directory of Electronic Components Manufacturers includes company profiles, a brief history of each company including merger & acquisition activity, an overview of products offered and links to the corporate websites for over 2000 electronic component companies and electronic parts manufacturers from around the world.

You can navigate the directory using the alphanumeric index or page navigation tools shown at the top of each page, or you can simply search for the desired manufacturer's name using the search function below.

Manufacturers Directory

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PowerTechPowertip TechnologyPowertron Converters - Martek Power
PPT - Shenzhen MagneticPrairieComm - FreescalePreci-Dip
Precision ContactsPrecision DevicesPrecision Electronic Components
Precision Monolithics - PMI - Analog DevicesPrem MagneticsPrema Semiconductor
Premier MagneticsPrimarion - InfineonPrimo Microphones
Princeton TechnologyProgrammable Microelectronics - Chingis - ISSIProjects Unlimited
Prolific TechnologyPromax-JohntonProminent Communications
Protek DevicesPSC Computer ProductsPTR Connex - Phoenix Mecano AG
Pulse Engineering - Pulse ElectronicsPulseCore - AlliancePyle National - Amphenol
Q-TechQimonda AGQLogic
QP Semiconductor - e2vQSound LabsQT Optoelectronics - Fairchild Semiconductor
Quake Technologies - Applied MicroQualcommQuality Semiconductor - IDT
Quality Technologies - QT Opto - FairchildQuality ThermistorQualtek Electronics
Quantum Effect Devices - PMCQuantum Research Group - AtmelQuartzCom
QuickLogicQVS Tech LLCRabbit Semiconductor
RAKONRalec ElectronicRaltron Electronics
Ramtron International - CypressRancho TechnologyRaychem - TE Connectivity
Rayovac - Spectrum BrandsRaytheon - FairchildRCA - GE - Harris - Intersil
RCD ComponentsRCL Shallcross - IRC - TT electronicsRDC Semiconductor
RDI ElectronicsRealtekRecom International Power
Rectron SemiconductorRedux Communications - Resolute NetworksRegal Electronics
RelComm TechnologiesRelpol SARemco Products
Renata SARenco ElectronicsRendition - Micron - SpecTek
Renesas ElectronicsReticon - Perkin Elmer Opto - ExcelitasRF Micro Devices - RFMD
RF MonolithicsRF Power Components - AnarenRF Prime - Premier Devices - RFMD
RF TEC MfgRFE InternationalRhombus Industries
Rhopoint ComponentsRIA Electronics - RIACON - RIA ConnectRichco
Richey CapacitorRichtek TechnologyRiedon
RiRF TechnologiesRise Technology - Silicon Integrated SystemsRiver Eletec Corporation
RO Associates - AstrodyneRobert G AllenRobinson Nugent - 3M Interconnect
RocketChips - XilinxRockwell - ConexantRockwell Automation
Roederstein - VishayRogers Corp - DurelRohm
Rosenberger NARubyconRuf Electronics - Bourns Sensors - Bourns Automoti
RutilconRXD TechnologiesRyosei - Mitsubishi Cable
S-MOS Systems - Epson ElectronicsS3 Group - Silicon Software SystemsSAG Components
Sagami ElectricSAHA Capacitors - Susco ElectronicsSaia-Burgess - Johnson Electric - Honeywell
Saifun Semiconductors - SpansionSalecom ElectronicsSambu Communics
Sames TechnologiesSAMHOP MicroelectronicsSamsung
Samsung Electro-MechnicsSamtecSamwha Capacitors
Samxon - Man Yue GroupSan-O Industrial - SOC FuseSangshin Elecom
Sanken ElectricSankoshaSanRex - Sansha Electric
SantecSanyo DenkiSanyo Semiconductor
Saratoga Semiconductor - IBMSaRonix - PericomSawtek - TriQuint Semiconductor
ScanLogic - CypressScenix - Ubicom - QualcommSchaffner
Schleicher GmbH - WeilandSchrack - TE ConnectivitySchurter
SDP ComponentsSDSSeacor - Electrocube
Sealectro - ITT CannonSECME - EAO SwitchSeeq - LSI Corp
Seiko InstrumentsSemco - Cornell DubilierSemelab
SemicoaSemiconductor CircuitsSemiconductor Technology - STI
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